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Layouts and proportions are the two main principles that Hiddenspace always apply to the works. It is crucial to organize the basic shapes like rectangles, triangles, and circles in third dimensions. From one point, it divided into different surfaces and this transformed into wires to complete the shape. The light reflects the mesh at different angles and it makes a very interesting contrast in colors.



"We Make a Living by what we get. We Make a Life by what we give". by Winston Churchill. We remind ourselves to remember that we have social responsibilities. We, Hiddenspace Jewelry, are very thankful for what we have and glad we can share 10% of our total income to other local communities where need love and care. 


Ethically Sourced / Recycled Metal / Earth Friendly

All the diamonds and the gemstones are ethically sourced and the metals (14K GOLD) we use are over 95% recycling source from our casting companies. We consider the environmental issues around the world and strive to process every production in an eco-friendly. 


About Designer

Jay Kim was born in South Korea.
At the young age of 15, he left to Thailand by himself to further his education and experience in a foreign country. Intrigued by the exotic yet delicate architectures of the land, he moved to Canada to study Architecture and deepen his understanding of the process of planning, designing, and constructing art.

His interest in shaping beauty into a more concrete form also led him to study Show Production in Florida. After meeting his wife who is a professional jewelry designer, he understood that jewelry can add a touch of class to human beauty.

His varying experience and effort to construct art have been woven into his jewelry design in a unique way. By approaching jewelry in diverse perspectives, his designs combine the second and third dimensions to create a spatial impression.

For the intricate shaping of structure and space, his works receive attention in local markets of downtown Los Angeles.