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Tying the Knot #14

: From Workmates to Soulmates

Tiffany + Jeffrey

Within the sprawling halls of a bustling corporate empire, where the humdrum of work often drowns out personal narratives, a remarkable love story unfolds. This is the story of Tiffany and Jeffrey, two individuals whose lives intersected in a unique and unexpected way. What began as a professional bond soon blossomed into a deep connection, defying the odds and reminding all of us that love stories you’d see in movies really do exist.

“But I realized at that moment that I was completely and unconditionally in love with him.”

Q. How did you guys first meet and fall in love?

A. Tiffany: We met at work, but in a somewhat unique way. We both work in a very large department at a huge company. I am a trainer for the department and Jeffrey was one of my trainees. It was still when face masks were mandatory, so all I could base my impressions on were his gorgeous blue eyes and sweet, calming disposition. We had mutual friends from work and all met for some fun get-togethers; game night, breakfast for dinner, and a day at Universal Studios to name a few. As we got closer to one another, I remember telling Jeffrey that we were such compatible friends, and that we were meant to be best friends. We could anticipate each other’s needs, support each other through tough times, and knew exactly which quote from The Office the other was about to say. One day, after work, I was listening to him vent about a big problem he was experiencing. He’d always shared his emotions with me, and it wasn’t the first time I was there to listen to him and offer support. But I realized at that moment that I was completely and unconditionally in love with him. I wanted nothing more than to help him feel happy and loved, every moment of every day. Turns out, he’d had this revelation weeks before me and was toying with the idea of sharing these feelings with me, too. I was out of town one weekend to visit family, and missed him so much. The day after I got back, we planned to grab coffee together. I picked him up and we drove less than a block before he asked me to stop the car. We both jumped out, ran around the car, and just held each other for what felt like forever. I don’t think any words needed to be exchanged to know what we both felt at that moment.

“I consciously held eye contact when there was a break in conversation and she met my gaze with the most wonderful smile. That’s when I knew.”

Q. How did you know you wanted to marry each other and who wanted to tie the knot first?

A. Jeffrey: As Tiffany said, I knew I was in love with her for what felt like forever before I realized the feelings were mutual. I knew I wanted to marry her even before we grabbed that coffee together and began our relationship. We were at breakfast a few weeks before sitting across from each other. I couldn’t tell you what we ordered because I was so fixated on her sitting in front of me. I do remember that neither of us ate much because we were busy talking, laughing, and so genuinely interested in each other’s presence. I consciously held eye contact when there was a break in conversation and she met my gaze with the most wonderful smile. That’s when I knew. The realization that this was different from our past relationships and that we wanted to spend our lives together happened pretty quickly for both of us.

“I have always really liked salt and pepper diamonds and thought they were unique. But every time I saw the rutilated quartz, it felt like Tiffany.”

Q. Why did you choose HIDDENSPACE, how did you hear about us, and what made you decide on this specific ring?

A. Jeffrey: Tiffany and I started the process of looking for a ring together. I wanted to have a grasp of what she wanted without picking an exact ring. It was important to me to create a ring that fit her personality and her preferences, while also being original and something she hadn't seen before. We discovered HIDDENSPACE through Instagram and went in together to look at possibilities there. In the weeks that followed, I searched for alternatives, making sure I had all the options to make a decision. After each visit or search, I kept coming back to HIDDENSPACE in my mind. It was a couple months of refining exactly what I thought Tiffany would love, and Jay made it happen. I was deciding between two very different gemstones (a salt and pepper diamond and rutilated quartz). I have always really liked salt and pepper diamonds and thought they were unique. But every time I saw the rutilated quartz, it felt like Tiffany. I agonized over the decision for what felt like months, but was really just a couple of weeks. "Would she like the rutilated quartz? She mentioned liking salt and pepper diamonds. Get it right, Jeffrey!" I knew she liked gold settings, and I got her to share details about rings that she thought were beautiful. I used all of the information and put it together with the rutilated quartz and Jay's help. Seeing it on her finger now, I know it was the right choice (also, she loves it!).

“That day is everything I could have wanted.”

Q. Tell us about the details of the proposal & the wedding. How did you feel? How did it go?

A. Tiffany: Our schedules don’t always line up very well, and so when we get a day off together, we try to make the most of it! Jeffrey told me he had plans for the Wednesday we had off together, and that the whole day was a surprise. This isn’t abnormal; Jeffrey usually surprises me with fun activities or planned dates. But this day got progressively more sweet and sentimental with each new activity. We started with breakfast at our favorite place, A Broken Yolk Cafe, and sat near the booth we were in when Jeffrey fell in love with me. We drove up to Griffith Park to walk around the trails, which had been the first date I’d planned for us when we started dating. We drove back home so we could get ready for dinner, which I already knew was at our favorite little Italian restaurant, Filomena’s. While getting ready, I ran outside to grab something. Jeffrey was inside, putting the ring box in a place he knew I’d find it and getting down on one knee in our room. When I came back inside, he yelled and asked me to grab him something from the other room. I saw the box, opened it up to find it empty, and instantly knew what was happening. I came into the room he was in and saw him down on one knee, and we both cried instantly. I knew we were wanting to get married this year, and so I knew a proposal was inevitable. But I was overwhelmed with wonderful feelings from a sentimental day full of time together and seeing the love of my life kneeling in front of me in our beautiful, sweet home we created together. That day is everything I could have wanted. Our wedding is going to be just as intimate and personal. We’re planning to elope on the big island of Hawaii! It’s a place that feels special to us, and it’s so incredibly beautiful there. We’re going to spend the day together, get ready together, and find a pretty place in the trees to get married. We’ll have a photographer present to capture the day, and an officiant of course. But that’s it! Just us, our love, and time spent focusing on how beautiful our future together will be. Next March we’re going to have our friends and family come together for a reception in Jeffrey’s parent’s backyard. We’re still deciding on what kind of food truck we’d like to get, but we know it’ll feel perfect for us.

“Romantic nights and days come naturally and often for us and I couldn’t feel luckier to have someone who loves me so well.”

Q. Describe your romantic night or the most romantic day you guys have ever shared.

A. Jeffrey: Something I am grateful for is that Tiffany and I are constantly doing things for each other. We make plans for a fun day, she plans a treasure hunt, we relax and enjoy our home together, one of us plans a surprise trip - we have experienced so many things which makes it difficult to pick a specific day that stands out. Romantic nights and days come naturally and often for us and I couldn't feel luckier to have someone who loves me so well.

Q. Any advice to couples or newlyweds? Anything else you’d like to share with the world?

A. Both of us had a difficult time believing that the love we have could exist. A love that is true and deep. A love that you envy from the movies and didn't think was real. We didn’t really believe in soul mates, love being easy, or never wanting to be apart from your partner. But we promise, it exists and it can be real. Don’t settle for less than what seems impossible. Because it’s the most beautiful, fulfilling life when you find it.

Arranged by

Jamie Han


Tiffany: @tiffanylynleonard

Jeffrey: @dunnjeffrey

Photographer: @wanderlustcreativeco, @bycosettelucero, @kaitlinjeanphoto 

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