Eliana Ring

The Perfect Pair - Eliana Ring in Salt and Pepper Diamond
Step into a world where sophistication intertwines with timelessness. Boasting a mesmerizing 1.5CT pear salt and pepper diamond, Eliana's elegant design sets the stage for a collection of matching bands that harmonize seamlessly. Let's take a look at our first pair!

Eliana Ring & Scarlett Band

Eliana & Scarlett

Eliana in salt and pepper diamond has a muted elegance that are enhanced with graceful lines that cascade from her pinnacle to her base. Yet, when coupled with Scarlett, her aura assumes an entirely distinct and captivating demeanor. Adorned with three bold marquise diamonds and nine round diamonds, Scarlett sits atop of Eliana with poise, making a statement with her charismatic boldness without overpowering the engagement ring. 

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Eliana Ring - Salt and Pepper Diamond  Scarlett Band
Eliana Ring & Little Tiara Band

Eliana & Little Tiara

Our second pair features a dainty tiara that sits just beneath Eliana's marquise accent to enrich her elegance. Embellished with eight 1mm diamonds and one 1.5mm diamond at the center, the Little Tiara Band is also perfect to wear on its own as a wedding band. Its unique unconventional shape immediately captures the spotlight and leaves a lasting impression.

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Eliana Ring - Salt and Pepper Diamond  Little Tiara Band
Eliana Ring & Orabelle Band

Eliana & Orabelle

Now Eliana boasts a flawless symmetrical design; yet, to infuse an element of intrigue, we have harmoniously united her with Orabelle, specially tailored for those who covet an air of exclusive sophistication. Embracing a satisfying juxtaposition of Eliana's balance and Orabelle's asymmetry, this union creates a visual dialogue that resonates with those who appreciate the artistry of contrast. 

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Eliana Ring - Salt and Pepper Diamond  Orabelle Band
Eliana Ring & Eliana Band

Eliana & Eliana 

Certainly, and naturally, we mustn't overlook Eliana complementing Eliana herself. Designed to perfectly balance each other, the Eliana Band effortlessly wraps around the precise marquise accent, offering a more languid appearance and softening the overall aesthetic. 

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Eliana Ring - Salt and Pepper Diamond  Eliana Band
Whether you lean towards the bold, the delicate, or the uniquely unexpected, your choice will only amplify her timeless beauty. So, which band would you pair with Eliana?

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