Sapphires & Venues for a Magnificent Summer

by Jamie Han

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Prepare for a getaway to Santorini at the tip of your finger! Unlike traditional engagement rings, Hiddenspace designs are profoundly inspired by art deco, representing and catering to unique, one-of-a-kind couples. To celebrate the summer of 2022, we’ve gathered a collection of our most wonderful blue-sapphire rings. Let’s dive right in.

The Callie Ring

The Callie Ring. A sapphire to resemble the beautiful crashes of the ocean waves. This precious piece is designed with the most elegant curve, followed by subtle sheers in the gemstone to gleam in every direction when kissed by the sun.


The Farrah Ring

The Farrah Ring. “Farrah” is an Arabic name meaning, “happiness.” This small-but-mighty ring lives up to its name, proudly showing off its blue hexagonal sapphire. Blue sapphires are also known to provide strength and protection to guide your spiritual path. Happiness is never too Farrah-way!


A One-of-a-Kind

Last but not least, with a design that’s never been introduced to Hiddenspace before, this heartfelt one-of-a-kind ring was specially custom-made for a bride-to-be! The plump, luscious sapphire flaunts its true merits, displaying a glossy finish to captivate you at first sight.


Now, as for venues, it’s no secret that in the midst of this ongoing pandemic, traveling is just as difficult as finding the perfect place to marry the love of your life. However, we couldn’t hold back any longer after being inspired by our mesmerizing ocean-blue sapphires. Without further ado, here are four unique venues across the country to have an unforgettable wedding as we roll deeper into this sizzling season.

Wayfarers Chapel
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Take a stroll along a picture-perfect venue with a dreamy panoramic view of the Pacific ocean and Catalina Island.
At the Wayfarers Chapel, you’ll surely get the best of both worlds with gorgeous gardens and the cool ocean's breeze, all at the heart of a natural sanctuary.


Marriott Stanton South Beach
Miami, FL

Let's not forget about Miami! You’ll have it all in Miami, an energetic city with an exciting nightlife.
With ultra-fine sand to dip your toes into, and a refreshing pool to cool off during these hot nights, this venue makes it a perfect place to tie the knot.


Labelle Lake
Rigby, ID

Looking for something more cozy and homey?
How about a unique, cabin-themed wedding that includes a bridal suite, a grooms area, a tower and secret passageways with a lake that lounges between the abundant greens? With the cool, earthy smell of pine trees, the crisp scent of freshly-cut grass swaying through the mild breeze to tend the evening, you’ll feel at home, right in your backyard haven.


Big Cedar Lodge
Ridgedale, MO

The Big Cedar Lodge presents you with two dynamic themes of medieval architecture and classic modern interiors.
This rustic place comes to life, especially when the sun tips over as the lights glisten from the Chapel and the sweet leathery fragrance envelops you. Get carried away with the rich scenery as your backdrop and have a one-of-a-kind wedding all at your ease.