Celebrating April with Salt & Pepper Diamonds

Diamonds are April's birthstones

Ah, the month of diamonds! Diamonds have enjoyed a long-standing association with this month, dating back centuries. Birthstone traditions, rooted in ancient beliefs surrounding mystical or healing properties, led to different gemstones being linked to each month. With their dazzling brilliance, exceptional hardness, and rarity, diamonds serve as a perfect emblem for April birthdays, occurring amidst a season synonymous with fresh starts and rejuvenation. However, at HIDDENSPACE, we strive to honor something truly unique – salt & pepper diamonds!


I’ll have that with some salt & pepper!

Scoring a solid 10 out of 10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, salt & pepper diamonds are scratch resistant, rivaling the hardness of white diamonds. While they surpass sapphires and emeralds in durability, they’re not entirely immune to damage. The presence of inclusions, formed during their growth, means they may still chip under impact, depending on the point of force, which may be a crucial detail to bear in mind for those who have fallen in love these beauties.

What is a salt & pepper diamond?


It’s you as a gemstone

So, despite their cloud-like inclusions, why do we still find salt & pepper diamonds so attractive? The answer’s simple. They’re symbolic! Salt & pepper diamonds bear a striking resemblance to us – humans embodied in gemstones. We’re not flawless, but rather perfectly imperfect. Their imperfections render them unique and like white diamonds, salt & pepper diamonds are also forged beneath the Earth’s surface, subjected to intense heat and pressure. Oh, and the fancy cuts that we so much adore, such as kites and hexagons, are just a plus!


    Let's celebrate YOU

    Certainly, white diamonds are undeniably admirable, and the market offers a plethora of exquisite options. But, you see, when you encounter a salt & pepper diamond, you’re witnessing something truly singular – there’s only one like it in the world. That uniqueness is what sets them apart and makes them special. Just as there’s only one you in the world, with your own distinct qualities and characteristics, that’s what makes you exceptional. So take the opportunity to celebrate yourself and your new beginnings.

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