Bands, Bands, Bands.

Let’s talk about bands. Bands are available in diverse styles and purposes. Whether you opt to adorn your band as a symbol of marriage, commitment, friendship, or as a cherished piece passed down through generations, each holds a deep sentimental meaning. 

First and foremost, we want to invite you to explore the three main types of bands that’s offered at HIDDENSPACE: dainty curved bands, dainty straight bands, and bold, chunky bands.


Dainty Curved Bands

Our dainty curved bands are meticulously crafted to flawlessly complement our engagement rings. They are specifically designed to follow the contours of unique ring designs like kites and hexagons, creating a seamless and synchronized pairing. Unlike traditional wedding bands, the curved bands showcase elegant arcs that gracefully intertwine with dazzling diamonds along the band. 

Bands with subtle curves, such as our Little Tiara Band and Chevron Band, are easier to wear on their own compared to bands with steeper curves like our Scarlett Band and Payton Band, which are specifically designed to accentuate elongated engagement rings. However, keep in mind that they are fully customizable and it’s never too extravagant to get both kinds!


Dainty Straight Bands

Bold is our middle name, but let's not forget about the classics: the dainty straight bands. These pair amazingly well with traditional engagement rings that feature higher baskets, such as our Serein Ring and Princess Serein Ring. They effortlessly stack, enabling you to mix metals and create unique combinations with your existing rings. It’s hard to go wrong with these timeless pieces. So, get those rings out of your jewelry box and start stacking!


Bold, Chunky Bands

Wait, did we hear someone in the crowd yelling, “Go big or go home!” Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Take the Parti Ring, Teagan Band and the Zoe Ring, for instance; they highlight striking architectural attributes for the bold look you crave. With their substantial solid-gold weight and chunky appearance, they’re ideal as standalone statement rings for a single finger.

Whether you prefer the delicate curves, timeless elegance, or bold statements of our bands, each piece holds a unique story and significance. As you explore our collection at HIDDENSPACE, which style resonates with you the most?

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