Callie Ring

The Perfect Pair - Callie Ring Sapphire
Presenting the HIDDENSPACE design, Callie, which has recently become a beloved favorite among our highly favored designs. This design has been requested to be crafted with various center stones by our HIDDENSPACE enthusiasts, using moissanites, alexandrites, salt & pepper diamonds, and more! However, the Callie in blue sapphire has gained remarkable popularity, prompting us to help you find a wedding band that perfectly caters to your taste.

Callie & Marquise Open Band (Blue Sapphire)

Callie & Marquise Open Band (Blue Sapphire)

Here is an irresistible ensemble. So our Marquise Open Band in all diamonds is undeniably exquisite on its own. But when you pair the Marquise Open Band in blue sapphire with Callie, it's beyond divine. Accentuating the center stone while still standing out when worn independently, this versatile band effortlessly complements Callie with a refined allure. 

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Perfect Pair - Callie Ring Sapphire  Perfect Pair - Marquise Open Band in Blue Sapphire
Callie & Clementine

Callie & Clementine

Callie was intentionally designed with shoulders that curve upwards to balance out the elongated kite center stone. Like a pair of regal wings, this unique feature highlights the center while maintaining a modest presence. For those enamored with this elongated characteristic, the perfect pairing would be the Clementine Band, which features a pear diamond, giving it a bold twist.

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Perfect Pair - Callie Ring Sapphire  Perfect Pair - Clementine Band
Callie & Alaina

Callie & Alaina

Alaina, distinct from the Marquise Open Band, showcases three continuous diamonds on each shoulder, perfectly aligning with Callie's accents. Additionally, it incorporates two more diamonds positioned right beside the marquise diamonds to provide that extra sparkle, creating a dazzling and harmonious composition. (It's important to note that we will customize your engagement ring and wedding band to ensure a seamless fit.) 

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Perfect Pair - Callie Ring Sapphire  Perfect Pair - Alaina Band
Callie & Amelia

Callie & Amelia 

Amelia features a crisp princess-cut diamond with three conecutive round diamonds on each side. This band not only accentuates the marquise adornments at the bottom of Callie but also works to neutralize that elongated shape of the ring, providing a wider appearance. Amelia is a captivating choice for those seeking a more subtle finish. 

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Perfect Pair - Callie Ring Sapphire  Perfect Pair - Amelia Band
As we draw the curtain on our exploration of the enchanting Callie Ring, we invite you to try other pairings to express yourself. Whether you are drawn to the irresistible ensemble with Callie and the Marquise Open Band, the bold twist of Clementine, the harmonious composition of Alaina, or the subtle sophistication of Amelia, uniqueness is guaranteed with our collection. So which would you choose with Callie? 

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Hello ,I’d love to know if it’s possible to ship this pair to France and what would the cost be and the price of the rings .

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