Ideas for Custom Engraving

Custom engravings are here! Due to the high demand of custom engraving requests, we’ve officially launched the feature as an additional option on HIDDDENSPACE. As we introduce you to this new feature, we want to give you some fun ideas to get creative for this exciting process of customizing your ring.


Our custom engravings are embedded on the inner band of your ring, hidden from visibility. They're are meant to be personal – resonant with your relationship with your significant other.

So, what can you fit in 10 characters? Let’s divide your options into two separate categories: (1) letters and (2) numbers.



  • A word to describe your love
    • It could be as simple as “eternal” or “unconditional.”
  • A place where you first met each other
    • You can’t possibly forget the first place you guys met! But if you have, that's when you know you've definitely had an unforgettable moment.
  • A goal you both share
    • Think of your adventure goals together or your relationship goals.
  • A meaning behind a certain word or a phrase that not everyone knows
    • For example, “AmorVincit," which is “love conquers” in Latin.



  • Anniversaries & memorable dates
    • A hack to never forgetting an important date!
  • Timestamp of your favorite part in a song
    • Think of your favorite song together and find each other’s favorite parts.
  • A book page
    • Find the number of a meaningful page from a book to hint a heartwarming message to your significant other.


As you customize your engraving, we hope it brings back many good memories with your significant other, both mature and fresh, to begin a new chapter together. With that in mind, have fun with it, and we can't wait to see what you all come up with!

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