Discover Your Morii: Introducing Our Inaugural Design

Morii [mo ᐧ rii] noun

: The desire to capture a fleeting moment or experience 

In the year 2020, shortly after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the market underwent a noticeable shift. Despite facing challenges, there remained a sustained interest in timeless and classic designs for engagement rings. Jay, however, aimed to challenge the norm by creating something unconventional – a design that was both alluring and nontraditional, leaving observers spellbound and awe-inspired upon their initial encounter.


We'll begin with a modest approach. Yes, we start out small, quite literally. The first center stone Jay acquired for his inaugural design was a petite kite salt & pepper diamond. Despite its delicate size, its distinctive inclusions rendered it truly unique, boasting a radiant shine unlike any other. This marked the commencement of his creative exploration.

After extensive research and numerous sketches, Jay arrived at an enlightened design – Morii. This design epitomized Morii, embodying the desire to capture a fleeting moment or experience.


Discovering Your Morii for a New Chapter

Why do you wear jewelry? What additional values do they signify beyond mere sparkle? Specializing in distinctive Art Deco designs featuring one-of-a-kind salt & pepper diamonds, HIDDENSPACE regularly receives messages from enthusiasts sharing their stories of investing in a piece of jewelry for personal reasons.

"Is it acceptable even if it's not intended as an engagement ring?"

Absolutely! Without a doubt. Whether commemorating an engagement, a personal milestone, or simply celebrating self-love, your HIDDENSPACE jewelry mirrors your unique journey. Each design is meticulously crafted not just for adornment but to resonate with the Morii within you – the desire to capture moments that slip through the fingers of time, making them last in the form of a timeless, captivating piece of art.



Every conclusion marks a new commencement. As we bid farewell to another remarkable year, we extend our gratitude to all HIDDENSPACE team members and each one of you for the exceptional support. Goodbye to 2023, and we look forward to encountering you in the upcoming chapter. What's your Morii in 2024?


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