A Styling Guide for a HIDDENSPACE Holiday

Thankful, blessed, and HIDDENSPACE-obsessed. With Christmas just around the corner, many of us are busy making plans with our loved ones, whether it's around the Thanksgiving table or celebrating the magic of Christmas. So, we've prepared a HIDDENSPACE-holiday styling guide to help you bring that sparkle wherever the season takes you!



Thanksgiving Charm – Warm Hues & Elegant Designs

Thanksgiving calls for warm, earthy tones. Salt & pepper diamonds, especially champagne salt & pepper diamonds, with roasty, toasty hues are bound to get you in the mood for the season. Those who are searching for center stones that are more cheery and would like something lighter, lush emeralds, deep green sapphires, and vivacious moss agates are the perfect center stones for you. As for the designs, we want refined and elegant – not too excessive but, still, with a touch of festivity. 


Christmas Sparkle – Dazzling Diamonds and Festive Glamour

As the holiday lights twinkle, it's time to embrace the sparkle. We want to bring out those classic Christmas colors that capture the Christmas magic. From royal-blue to cardinal-red sapphire rings with crisp white diamond adornments to add a touch of glamour and sophistication, you are definitely going to shine bright in the glow of holiday lights. 



New Year, New You – Bold Combinations to Express Yourself

What comes with a new year? A new you! Step into the new year with confidence and style, expressing yourself through bold jewelry combinations. Whether it's the fusion of engagement rings paired with unconventional wedding bands or the bold clash of salt and pepper diamonds and vibrant diamond-alternative gemstones, let your accessories speak volumes about your unique personality. It's the perfect time to redefine your style, explore the endless possibilities of combinations that resonate with the energy of the new year, creating a fresh and exciting version of yourself. 



    Versatility for Day to Night – Effortless Transitions from Gatherings to Celebrations

    Holiday events can last all day so if you aren't stopping back home for a holiday-costume change, select pieces that seamlessly transition from daytime family gatherings to nighttime celebrations. Consider incorporating minimal statement pieces into your ensemble, items that effortlessly complement any outfit. Opt for something distinctive that enhances your overall appearance without overshadowing your personal style. 


    Personalized Touch – Custom Pieces for that Unconventional Uniqueness

    So you're aware that HIDDENSPACE is all for unique customizations that are catered to you and only you. When you find a design with us that wasn't quite what you were searching for, we take that as a triumph. We're committed to personalizing jewelry that go beyond the ordinary. Contact us for anything and everything regarding your personalized piece and we're excited to make it just right for you.


    As we approach the season of gratitude and celebration, we're genuinely thankful for the opportunity to be part of your moments of glee and style. At HIDDENSPACE, our commitment goes beyond crafting jewelry; it's about creating lasting memories and expressions of your unique story. Each piece you choose becomes a timeless reminder of the joy and celebration in your life and we're blessed to be a part of your journey. From all of us at HIDDENSPACE, have a joyous and magical holiday season!


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