3 Questions to Consider Before Proposing

Popping the big question is an exciting idea that can also be quite daunting and overwhelming for the one asking. Here are some questions to consider ahead of time to curate a special engagement!



When - Before making any big decisions make sure your significant other is ready to be proposed to. Can you see your life with this person and have you already discussed future plans together? Once those questions are answered the next thing to think about is the ideal time of year to ask. You have four seasons to consider along with holidays that can make your experience unforgettable. Or no plan is also a plan, some prefer things to come more naturally.



Where - Now that we’ve discussed the “when” we are off to the “where.” Brainstorm your options ahead of time since the location of the proposal plays a huge factor in making the big day magical. Think of significant places that you’ve shared special moments with. Your first kiss, first date, the place where you shared your first “I love yous,” or their favorite places to spend time at: the restaurant they like to go to every Friday night or their favorite cafe to pick up their morning coffee. The possibilities are endless so take the time to think about your options and commit! 



How - Your engagement plans can be big or small, intimate or public based on you and your significant other’s priorities. A simple plan won’t require too much manpower, however, if you decide on a grand proposal it would be wise to ask for assistance to organize the event. You might even want to consider hiring an event planner so that your only worry is to focus on popping the important question. Capturing the special moment may be a good idea whether a friend is available to help document or to hire a secret professional photographer. All this seems like a lot of preparation, but just a reminder that it does not have to be perfect. 


What matters is that you get your intentions across to the one you want to spend your life with. Good luck and we wish you all the best!


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