GB Mentioned Hiddenspace Jewelry from Rapaport Magazine

GB Mentioned Hiddenspace Jewelry from Rapaport Magazine

Catherine Cason, the owner of Gem Breakfast, mentioned Hiddenspace Jewelry from her interview.

Designers who stand out

Cason selects designers with a “fabulous, edgy aesthetic.” She acknowledges that her perspective might be influenced by the indie fragrance companies she worked with at beauty retailer Sephora. “I look for out- of the box, high-quality jewelry from independent designers making very cool designers. Prior to working in jewelry, I was familiar with Tiffany & Co., Blue Nile, and James Allen. But their designs are stale. Who wants a ring that everyone else has?”


She believes “every designer has to stand out on their own.” emphasizing that she avoids any “overlapping aesthetic” among the “meticulously curated” designs. But she and the designers must share a similar design sensibility, she stresses, along with another essential criterion: Their values must be in sync, with responsible sourcing being a key component. 


Some of her more popular designers include Army of Rokosz, Maggi Simpkins, Canadian brand Attic Gold, Hiddenspace Jewelry - Designed by a former architect in Los Angeles - and Mason Grace Jewelry, chosen for its vintage aesthetic.

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