Dress Code: RED – Customize Your Perfect Red Ring

Nothing compares to the allure of a red gemstone when it comes to making a bold statement. From cherry-red rubies to scarlet sapphires and the captivating inclusions of fire-textured salt and pepper diamonds, a red ring is the epitome of confidence, passion, and elegance. Here's a guide to help you choose your perfect red ring.


Step 1: Consider Your Gem Shape

The shape of your gemstone can dramatically influence the overall look and feel of your ring. Do you prefer a classic round shape or something more unique like a kite or hexagon? Your choice of shape will generally set the foundation for your ring's design.


Step 2: Find Your Shade of Red

When choosing your red center stone, consider the undertone of your gemstone. Rubies typically have cool undertones with hints of pink, while sapphires can range from pink to orange undertones. Fire-textured salt & pepper diamonds have a whole different narrative, with their unique, one-of-a-kind inclusions and fiery patterns to make it all the more special. The undertone can affect how the color complements your skin tone and personal style, influencing the overall aesthetic of your ring.



In response to numerous fan requests, we've finally added rubies to our collection, available in kite and hexagon shapes. Renowned for their deep cherry-red hues, rubies are the classic red gemstone. Our lab-grown rubies are nearly flawless, making them an excellent choice for flamboyant designs with a hint of vintage to make a bold statement.

Design Recommendations
Justina Ring   Jayden Ring   Gagriella Ring  



When looking for a red gemstone, rubies aren’t your only option. Sapphires offer a slightly different shade of red with varying undertones from pink to orange. From modest to extravagant, our lab-grown sapphires have minimal inclusions and are versatile enough to suit a variety of designs.

Design Recommendations
Lucy Ring   Clementine Ring   Diamond Doric Ring Hexagon Calista Ring

Fire-textured Salt and Pepper Diamonds

These natural diamonds are known for their unique inclusions that create a fiery texture within the stone. A minimalist design is ideal to highlight these intricate patterns, so opt for sleek bands and understated settings that allow the center stone to shine.

Design Recommendations
Stella Ring   Doric Column Ring   Adah Ring   Sequoia Ring


Step 3: Choose Your Design

Once you've selected your gemstone, filter our listings to find the design that resonates with you the most. Remember, these are just recommendations, and whether it's a luxurious design for a ruby, a versatile design for a sapphire, or a minimalist design for a salt and pepper diamond, your perfect red ring awaits.

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