5 Diamond Alternative Engagement Rings

A diamond isn’t always a girl’s best friend especially because of the hefty price tag that comes with it! You also want a unique engagement ring that represents a personal connection. We’ve gathered 5 of our most popular alternative engagement rings that are one-of-a-kind and won’t break the bank!

We love working on customized rings to make your dreams of the perfect engagement ring come true! Mix and match your stone with the setting styles that we have to see what best fits your style.


Valentine Ring

One of our first few sapphire engagement rings that grew in popularity due to its vibrant colors. This unique combination of kite and baguette shaped beauties make for a playful piece for the unconventional bride.

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Maeve Ring

The elements of a moss agate stone create such mystical patterns! The Maeve Ring has been designed with smaller princess and round cut diamonds that perfectly emphasizes the elegance of the center stone.

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Princess Tracery Ring

An art deco styled setting with a beautiful hexagon morganite that is too cute to be true! The minimal line structure framing the center creates an edgy look that is a modern perfection.

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Ethereal Ring

Another lovely hexagon style engagement ring that is unforgettable! The Ethereal Ring features a rutilated quartz that symbolizes growth and positive energy when uniting two people in love.

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Princess Serein Ring

The iconic princess cut engagement ring, but with a hint of Hiddenspace! The moissanite is held within a signature basket design along with kite diamonds on its shoulders for a special look.

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There is something so special when two individuals come together to set aside differences and to unite in love. Our alternative engagement rings represent that unique love story. There is an array of remarkable gems from sapphires to moissanite to celebrate such a one-of-a-kind connection.


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