When offering a special gift to someone dear, it transcends the physical object — it's about the presentation and the shared moment. Drawing inspiration from the qualities of a whiskey box, our Premium Package was meticulously crafted from scratch by our visionary designer, Jay Kim. With the concept of "hidden in plain sight" at its core, this unique package embodies the artistry that sets HIDDENSPACE apart.


“How can we make people happy?” Simple and straightforward – but it requires a lot of thought and extensive research. Out of the countless ways to approach this question, we believed one way to do so was through the experience of our Premium Package. Preparing to propose with an engagement ring is an unforgettable process that takes sincerity and love and we wanted the receiver to experience that from the initial moment they set their eyes on our Premium Package. The usual palm-sized engagement ring box is quite expected, however, with a box this size, you’d question what’s inside. 


Similar to our minimalistic Art-Deco-inspired creations, Jay desired something modern and innovative, imbued with a mysterious presence, to conceal the most enchanting surprise that awaited its unveiling. Drawn from the influence of numerous whiskey boxes and fueled by countless restless nights, Jay embarked on a tireless journey of reaching out to whiskey packaging manufacturers, engaging in extensive communication, and employing CAD Design Software to meticulously tailor his vision. As the months passed, his ambition gradually transformed into a tangible reality as we proudly present to you our Premium Package and an experience as unique as your love story.

The package contains a care guide, a ring box, and our note of appreciation. If a GIA certificate is purchased, the box size will accommodate for the document dimensions.

The outer layer of the package is complete with a sleeve to frame our brand logo. 

For an exceptional gift like our unique jewelry, we understand the importance of conveying its significance and are thrilled to be a part of that experience. Cheers to your everlasting love and thank you for sharing this important milestone in your life.