We proudly present to you our new engagement ring package! We are so excited to share this unique design in time for the holidays. Yes, it’s not the typical ring box, but we are not a typical brand. Hidden in plain sight - was our logic. The usual palm sized engagement ring box is quite expected, however, with a box this size you’d question what’s inside. 


Why the new package?
When we started Hiddenspace, we decided to ask ourselves, "How can we make people happy?" It may seem like a simple question, but it requires a lot of thought and extensive research in order to make this happen. We can approach it in many ways and one way to do so was through the experience of our new engagement ring box. Preparing to propose with an engagement ring is an unforgettable process that takes into consideration of the person's sincerity and love. We wanted those that were receiving the engagement ring to understand that heart from the initial moment they set their eyes on our new package. 


Creating a special experience required a lot of thought and consideration.  Below you can see the package rendering mad on the CAD Design Software along with the contents of the box. 

The package contains a care guide, ring box, and a thank you note. If a GIA certificate is purchased, the box size will accommodate for the document dimensions.   

The outer layer of the package is complete with a sleeve to frame our brand. 

We wanted to make the experience as unique as your love story. It's been a very long few month working to get this together in time before the Fall season. We hope you love it as much as we do! Thank you all for your support!